love at the departure lounge

Love had walked through the fiery gates of hell once before
Now he is being doomed to walk through gates again,
this time, that of departure
He does this briskly, brusquely,
as if the faster he walks, the slower the faucets turn on

Love has been sent on a 365-day vacation
Says here on the order slip that he has
“Been through too much and too little”
—it’s too heavy for him to handle
But I see in his eyes that this is too much to handle

Nobody sends love off at the lounge
Nobody holds his hand
Nobody sends a message to love
For nobody is truly happy that love is leaving

So now, I know
Love will not again show up at my front door
Instead, I will be greeted by the cold air that substitutes his absence
Love will not again guide me on the night way home
Instead, I will be abused by the radio that plays the songs he used to like
Love will not again speed down the highway chasing after time
Instead, he will be drifted oceans away, away, away
Love will not again be here when I need him, when I want him
Instead, I will be seeing him everywhere
The sky is everywhere

Love will not do anything again for quite some time
And I’d love to be okay with that
But I knew it from the moment I met him
I will never be okay again

– August 29, ’19