You don’t have to be Palestinian or Muslim to help the cause, you just have to be human enough. Summon that anger and unjust that had burned within you when members of the Black and Asian communities were being mistreated, oppressed, and murdered. Change isn’t a one-man show; it’s a fire that is lit by one and passed on to the rest. You just have to be willing to hold the torch.

We are all pawns in a larger, international cosmic game, every one of us simply clinging onto the hope of reaching the other end of the chessboard, climbing the squares one god forsaken step at a time. But sociopaths? They aren’t playing the same game(s) we are. They are the center of their own universe. A sociopath moves whatever piece they like, in whatever fashion serves them best—no matter what that means for those around them.

Police brutality and abuse of authoritative power is a tale we are all too familiar with, given the happenings of this year. We have previously discussed how police brutality is a rudimentary problem in the system of the United States, but today, let us pan our attention over to the African country that sits on the Gulf of Guinea.

Recently brought to light by a tsunami of Tweets and Instagram posts, tech-savvy youngsters have once again brought it upon themselves to shed light on the darkest places we have created on Earth. Let me be very clear about the following topic: Yemen has been thrown headfirst into an abyss of the worst humanitarian crisis the world has ever borne witness to, and we have failed – yet again – to deliver justice.

With Wuhan as the center of the pandemic, the virus worked its way out of China and has since brought about outbreaks of the disease in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. As COVID-19 takes up headlines and Twitter feeds, we see governments implementing quarantines to ‘flatten the curve’, medical professionals working around the clock to save lives, and the public reacting in both acceptably decent and extraordinarily peculiar ways.

We can think climate change has nothing to do with us all we want, but our future depends on this planet, and it is at stake. We can say that there are more important things and direct our money flow elsewhere, but without Earth, money will cease to have value and we will cease to exist. If we can adapt to the environment and industrialize, map out routes to space, accommodate 7 billion people and counting, sign treaties to end wars, and go from rotary dials to smartphones, we can delay climate change, but only if everyone does it together.