Fancy bumping into you here! I’m Allison, a twenty-one-year-old Malaysian and this is where my thoughts pay rent on the internet.

I am a second-year at the University of Manchester, majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). When my fingers aren’t flickering past the keyboard, you can find me in a corner songwriting, binging TV shows, or making a mean cup of chocolate. I write when I’m upset, read when I’m bored, and am the happiest when I have a slice of pizza in my hand.

As an aspiring writer, I’m always looking for chances to grow and hone my skills. If you are looking for a freelance writer, I’d be more than happy to facilitate further discussions. Email me through the Contact Page and I’ll get in touch.

A few fun facts about me: I have four fewer teeth than the average person, I play the guitar, and I am an oxford comma devotee. For now, I reckon that’s all you need to know about me; the rest will unfold through the words I write.

Current Projects

🎥 I’m on YouTube! This is yet another corner of the internet where I document my university experience, as well as chat about life and books. Subscribe to join my small, growing family.

📰 I’m the co-editor of an online magazine I also co-founded, Getting It Strait, where the team tackles contemporary news regarding youth culture and social justice with bimonthly issues.

🎵 I write original songs too! I’ve always found solace in music and decided to make some of my own. Most of my songs can be found on my YouTube channel, but I’m also on Spotify.

✏️ If you can’t get enough of my writing (highly doubtful), you can find more of my works on My Manchester News, CEKU by UKEC, and Crunch by Nuffnang!