a serpent at best

beware, my darling,
for I am a serpent at best
the foul, slithering creature
whom your tender gardens detest

the snake who sheds her layers
underneath wherever fruits grow
the nuisance of dual-faces
perhaps sinking lower than low

alas, I am mistaken,
misjudged and forsaken
they judge me by the tales
they’ve only heard from eden

don’t run when you hear me,
I bear no ill will
but I can’t convey it
so, unblinking, you kill

you’ll listen to the lore
to vilify my hiss
choose to slay me down
so the hero gets a kiss

try to kill me once,
and watch me come back twice
have all your kids beware
in the dark of reptilian eyes

I remind you of medusa?
a tale so juvenile
a woman punished for one man’s crime
sent banished and exiled

uncapable of loving
or so you’re a fool to think
“she’s a spirit, not a woman
watch as she sins”

beware, my darling,
for I am a serpent at best
to others I bare my fangs
but you’re different from the rest

image source: ACHASMA