remember their names

art by Peter Kramar

Tamir Rice was twelve when he was shot by a police officer.
For carrying a toy gun.

Trayvon Martin was seventeen when he was shot by an officer “in self-defense”.
Martin was defending himself as well.

Michael Brown was eighteen when he was shot six times by law enforcement.
He was supposed to start college the next Monday.

Freddie Gray was twenty-five when he slipped into a coma.
In a police van.

Breonna Taylor was twenty-six when she took eight fatal shots from a police.
She thought someone had broken into her house.

Eric Garner was forty-four when an officer put him in a chokehold and did not let go.
Because there was “no sign of distress from Garner”.

George Floyd was forty-six when his neck was knelt on by a police officer.
And he died.

They all died.