18 lessons i’ve learned in 18 years


  1. you can always substitute pizza for cake. it works wonders.
  2. with the right people, it almost doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. (just don’t be in a trap house doing drugs.)
  3. change is the only constant in your life, so embrace it with warm, open arms.
  4. be extra careful whilst choosing sauces for your sub (and members for your group assignment).
  5. it’s really okay to not be okay.
  6. your grades do not define you. everyone can be smart as long as they have the internet.
  7. your mom’s cooking is the only thing that will always (every single time, without fail) be made with love.
  8. when in doubt, the answer is D.
  9. never forgo your friendships for a relationship.
  10. family first, no matter what. without them, you are nothing.
  11. stop apologizing to people when you’re not at fault. the ‘sorry’ culture has got to chill.
  12. if you want to do something, do it.
  13. take photos when you’re out with your friends and family. it really does last longer.
  14. appreciate the people in your life who you can make explicit jokes with. don’t let go of those friendships. they know too much about you.
  15. check up on the people around you no matter how close or distant you are. go out with them. have lunch. watch a movie. make a call. making sure others are okay keeps you in check too.
  16. take an off day once in a while. also, don’t give any fucks once in a while. trust me, it’s healthy.
  17. hold on to it. all of it. every bit of it. the pain, the insanity, the madness of life. you might not like what you’re feeling some days, but once it’s gone, you’ll miss it. it makes you stronger and it’s true they say that in pain, there is beauty.
  18. being 18 (a legal, official adult) is no different than being 17, but all of a sudden, your heart’s capacity to love will double.

above all, I am beyond grateful for the people who celebrated my 18th year on this Earth with me. the people who wished me, who invested time in writing me paragraphs and paragraphs expressing how much I mean to them – NO, YOU ALL MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. no words can ever capture these explosive feelings I have. and of course, it goes without saying that I am who I am today thanks to my family and friends. they have sculpted me to be the best version of myself and I will forever love them for it xx